Buying a Hotspot

Simplex Hotspots is easy to set-up and use.

So we would recommend using/buying them.

Duplex Hotspots is not easy to set-up.

You must run MMDVMcal on Pi-Star and get the correct settings or they give issues.

Using more than one Hotspot on DMR

They must have different Frequencies and Color Codes.
They need to be 4 Meg or more apart so they do not interfere with each other.

If using more than one hotspot you must add a DMR ESSID: to your DMR ID number.
1st Hotspot ID example – 1234567
2rd Hotspot ID example – 123456701
3rd Hotspot ID example – 123456702


It is recommended to use 434.000Mhz and/or 438.800Mhz.
Pi-Star Settings for Hotspots
OpenSpot Settings
BlueDV Settings for Windows
Register for your DMR 7 dig ID