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YSF Bridges

FreeDMR UK has Fusion YSF bridges. You can access a range of Talk Groups.

Use the YSF ID number on the left.

For all YSF bridges you can search on the Worldwide Bridge Talk Group list.

YSF IDYSF NameBridge to Talk Group
00091FreeDMR 9191 Worldwide
00907FreeDMR 907907 Jota
02350FreeDMR 23502350 UK Central
02351FreeDMR 23512351 Chat 1
02352FreeDMR 23522352 Chat 2
02353FreeDMR 23532353 Chat 3
02354FreeDMR 23542354 Chat 4
02355FreeDMR 23552355 Chat 5
02356FreeDMR 23562356 Chat 6
02357FreeDMR 23572357 Isle of Man
02358FreeDMR 23582358 London
02359FreeDMR 23592359 Kernow & Jersey
23500FreeDMR 2350023500 South West
23510FreeDMR 2351023510 South East
23520FreeDMR 2352023520 North West
23530FreeDMR 2353023530 Yorkshire
23540FreeDMR 2354023540 N. Ireland Chat
23550FreeDMR 2355023550 Scotland Chat
23560FreeDMR 2356023560 North East
23570FreeDMR 2357023570 Wales Chat
23580FreeDMR 2358023580 West Midland
23590FreeDMR 2359023590 East Midlands
23490FreeDMR 2349023490 East Anglia

First Run Pi-Star Update to version Pi-Star:4.1.5 / Dashboard: 20211109 or above.

BlueDV – Update Fusion Masters First.



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