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SMS Messages

Still in BETA test.


You can now send messages to other users on FreeDMR UK.

Send the message to the other users ID

*Although it will accept HYT and Moto formats, we recommend users use “DMR Standard SMS messages” if at all possible, because it’s the closest we have to a common standard.



Hotspots – Will always get your message as long as they are logged in with that ID
Repeaters – You need to have keyed up on the slot you want to receive on first. If you change Slot key up again.
If you key up on another repeater, it updates to that repeater.
(Anytone Radios – If you change slot without key up, the Anytone with Digi Moni if set to Double Slot, it will RX SMS no mater what slot you are on.)


DMR Gateway you need to add two extra lines in red below.

DMR Network 1]
Name=FreeDMR UK
Options=   (See this link to set DMR Options : Static Talk Groups)


* DMR SMS Formate.
Retevis, Radioddity and TYT etc all use the same format – Chinese format and can only SMS each other.
Hytera, Moto, Anytone etc can use – Standard format and SMS to each other.

This means at this time the Chinese format can not SMS the Standard format or the other way round.

If your radios offers SMS Standard format please use it.



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