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Still in BETA test.

Digital APRS over FreeDMR.

Best settings for sending APRS Auto TX or Manual TX is 180 ( 3 Mins ) intervals or longer.
If accessing APRS via a Repeater on the FreeDMR network, please do not use less than 180s.


Sent as Private Call to 900999.

Although it will accept HYT and Moto formats, we recommend users use “DMR Standard SMS messages” if at all possible, because it’s the closest we have to a common standard.

Individual user/DMR ID APRS settings.

By default, all APRS positions will have an SSID of 7, a default comment, with the callsign and ID of the DMR user. These default settings can be changed.

The comment, SSID, and icon can be set for each individual user/DMR ID the application sees. The application stores all the setting in a file. You may have different SSIDs, icons, and comments for different DMR IDs. This is done via DMR SMS using the following commands:

| Command | Description | Example |

| @SSID | Change SSID of user callsign. | @SSID 7 |.

| @ICON | Change the icon of the APRS position. *See ( | @ICON /p |.

| @COM |Change the comment of the APRS. | @COM This is a test comment.|

Send a DMR SMS to the configured dmr_data_id in the application with the desired command followed by the value. For example, to change your icon to a dog, the command would be  @ICON /p  (see the icon table for values). Changing your SSID is as simple as  @SSID 7, and  @COM Testing 123 will change the comment.

To remove any of the stored values, just send the appropriate command without any input. @COM will remove the stored comment, @ICON will remove the stored icon. Any position now reports sent will have the default settings.

You need to do the above for each DMR ID you use on FreeDMR.
All Commands above send via SMS message to 900999.
Also, if you change servers.

Thank you to Esteban for the images for how to change @COM (Comments)
The same applies to @SSID and @ICON.




Radios tested so far.

| Radio | GPS | SMS |
| Anytone D878| YES | YES |
| Anytone D578| YES | YES |
| BTech DMR-6x2 | YES | Most likely |
| MD-380 (MD380tools, no GPS) | - | YES |
| MD-380 (stock firmware, GPS) | YES | Most likely |
| MD-390 (stock firmware) | YES | YES |
| Retevis RT73* | YES | YES |
| Ailunce HD1 | YES | YES |

*RT73 must have unconfirmed data setting enabled.

## Highly suspected to work:
Not tested yet, but will most likely work.

| Radio | GPS | SMS |
| Anytone D868 | Most likely | Most likely |
| TYT MD-2017 | Most likely | Likely |
| TYT MD-9600 | Most likely | Likely |
| Retevis RT8 | Most likely | Likely |

## Tested, but with issues.
Tested, but with bugs present.

| Radio | GPS | SMS |
| Alinco DJ-MD5TGP | WIP | Most likely |
| Motorola DP3601| WIP | WIP |


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