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Why use the FreeDMR network over others?

The FreeDMR Network offers many features that other networks do not.

Go to any talk group with only the minimum number of talk groups preprogrammed into your radio.
Dial-a-TG lets you access any and all talk groups from talk group 9 on Slot 2.
No need to keep reprogramming your radio when you want to access new talk groups.

Single mode stops you being locked out of the talk group you had been talking on as another talk group takes control.

Network settings you have been told this is it and you have to follow.
Have your settings as you want them via options calculator and override the network defaults.
Hang-times, Languages, Static talk groups, Voice Idents and much more.

Static talk groups via Pi-Star and OpenSpot you can set without registering for an account.
No more having to give your information to strangers.
No emails and waiting for a confirmation email that never seems to arrive.
No more passwords you have to remember.
Move to a different FreeDMR server and your settings follows you.

Languages and Voice Idents, pick the language that announcements reply back to you via advanced options for Pi-Star.
Gone is the days that all announcements is in English.

Move to new talk group without the need of a 4000 unlink.

Have your own talk group via your 7 digit ID number. Just use your 7 digit ID as a talk group.

Dashboards that give clean information and let you see what Talk Groups is in use on Repeaters and Hotspots.

Much more to come……

How to connect to the FreeDMR Network.

What is the FreeDMR Network.
It is made up of Independent Servers running the FreeDMR Server Software.
They have OpenBridged “OPB” to each other to make up the FreeDMR Network.
Neither Master nor Slave :-
All FreeDMR systems are equal, just like all of the individuals who run them. Each server is free to run as this wish.

FreeDMR is developed by hams for hams.
We have worked on many of the old bugs that commercial systems would never fix to meet amateur radio requirements.


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