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The codeplugs is for demonstration only. But they should work if you wish to use them.

Each codeplug has. –
Hotspot Simplex on Frequency 434000, Colour Code 1, Slot 2.
Hotspot Duplex on Frequencies 434000 & 438800, Colour Code 1, Slot 2.
*ALL UK FreeDMR Talk Groups.
Phoenix UK Talk Groups as listed on FreeDMR UK Talk Groups.
Analogue Simplex frequencies.
Zones – Hotspot FreeDMR & Phoenix. –  Simplex.
Channels display Talk Group Number as names do change. If you want by name you can edit.
If you want/need more World Wide Talk Groups you will have to add them.

You will have to. –
Set your DMR ID number.
Set Optional Settings as you want them.
Load the Users Data Base for your make of radio.

* All FreeDMR UK Talk Groups is in the codeplug and includes the 9 sub Talk Groups per region . But not in the zones.
You can add any or all Talk Groups to Zones if you need them.  Or use TG9 and Dial-a-TG.

What is in the FreeDMR Zone. – 2350 to 2356 and Regional Talk Groups. 9. 91. Echo. No sub regional as you can add.
What is in the Phoenix Zone. – 235, 80 to 84 and Regional TGs. 9. Echo.

Software to edit/open some of the files.-     OpenOffice.     N0GSG DMR Contact Manager.

Anytone Codeplugs.

868 V1.40      878v1 V1.24N      578 V1.14      878v2 V2.02N

Download Codeplugs and CSVs for Channels, Talk Groups and Zones.
CSVs from 878v1

Also for the BTech 6X2 and Alinco DJ-MD5 via CSV files.

UHF MD380 / RT3.

Download Codeplug and CSVs for Channels and Contacts.

Should also work on MD390 etc.

MDUV380 / RT3s.

Download Codeplug and CSVs for Channels and Contacts.

Should also work on the MDUV390 etc.


Download Codeplug and CSVs for Channels and Contacts.

MD9000 / RT90.

Download Codeplug and CSVs for Channels and Contacts.


Download Codeplug by M0GLJ


If anyone wants to make the above into other radios. Please send us the files so we can post them.

I have supplied CSVs files with each codeplug for quick edit or use on radios not listed above.
You might have to try each CSV file to find one close to your radios format.

If you are looking for Codeplugs with UK Repeaters. I would try Moonraker or ML&S.




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