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  • FreeDMR Repeater Group.

    Motorola, Hytera, MMDVM/Pi-Star Repeaters are all Welcome to join
    This group is for FreeDMR Repeaters, Gateways & Sysops ONLY.
    To request your Repeater or Gateway have access to the FreeDMR Network.
    Ask Questions or Report Issues.
    This group is run by the FreeDMR UK team.



For keeping users updated


  • Support – GB3IN GB7IN and GB7RR  Repeaters have hosted many digital network services in the UK Starting with D-Star DCS005 now (XLX005)   including DMR BM UK  now the time is right to move to an Open network for DMR,  many have supported us in our goals and we hope going forward we can retain your support as we grow the network. If you are able to support us please visit     GB3IN Support