Like other Networks we use MCC ( Mobile country code ) to allocate Talk Groups.

    • 2: Europe
    • 3: North America and the Caribbean
    • 4: Asia and the Middle East
    • 5: Australia and Oceania
    • 6: Africa
    • 7: South and Central America
    • 9: Worldwide
Talk Group Structure
Talk Groups Allocation of OPB
1 to 90 Local to your Server
91 Worldwide Call
92 to 199 Local to your Server
Countries MCC
Worldwide Talk Groups via OPB
800 to 899 Local to your Server Not been MCC allocated
900 to 909 *Worldwide Events up to 4 dig 907 to 9078 Jota Yota
910 to 949 Worldwide Languages 3 dig only 4 dig Can be Local to your Server
950 to 9989 *Worldwide Events up to 4 dig 973 SOTA, 9541 RadHisTec
9990 to 9999 Functions Local to your Server 9990 Echo

*Naming and allocating of this range of Talk Groups will be done via all Server Owners


Countries – MCC Talk Groups

3 digit up to 5 digits for Main Named Talk Groups. This gives you up to 100 Talk Groups.
example UK 235, 2351 to 23599.  ( * You still have 6 and 7 Dig Talk Groups )

6 Dig ID Talk Groups is normally used by Repeaters
*  7 Dig ID Talk Groups is normally used by End Users, Groups, Clubs etc


talk group Naming and allocation

This is done by the Servers in each country.
If more than one server is in your country, you work together.
In the UK we have some rules for ones to follow.


World Wide Talk Group

This is a list of all Named Talk Groups in use.
Users can also use non named Talk Groups via OPB.


Local talk groups

You can make them local this way.
As only local to your server, they do not get named on the World Wide Talk Group list.


Getting your Talk Groups Listed

See B on this page.




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