Linking to Talk Groups via TG9

Time Slot 2 implements Enhanced Talk Groups (Dial-a-TG/Reflectors)

Implementation of an enhanced version of a low level talks group, including all of the voice announcements, time outs etc. The confusing numbering used for the old reflector system (TG9) is obsolete. Instead, you can simply manual-dial a private-call to any talk group number to have it routed to Talk Group 9 on Time Slot 2 on a FreeDMR repeater. This also works on Hotspots if you decide to use it. There is control of the timer and fall back to the default Talk Group (Reflector) as before. Another abbreviation of a Enhanced Talk Groups or Reflectors as they were known is “Dial-a-TG”.

The way to use the Enhanced Talk Groups (Reflectors)
Is to program the radio with TG 9 on Time Slot 2.
*Add  9  in contacts/talk groups as GROUP CALL.
Make a Channel up for Talk Group 9 and then add to a Zone you wish to use it in.
This is the only Talk group you will need for a QSO on the Enhanced Talk Groups (Reflectors).


To link and unlink the Enhanced Talk Groups.

Link to a Talk Group via Manual Dial “Private Call” from your radio –

Menu – Contact – Manual Dial – enter Talk Group  number 2350 – PTT for up to 3 sec.
Menu – Talk Group – Manual Dial – enter Talk Group number 2350 – PTT for up to 3 sec.

=  Manual Dial 2350 Private Call, PTT for up to 3 sec.

The repeater/hotspot will respond with a voice announcement “Linked to  2350
( Voice announcements come back on 5000  )
Then via Talk Group 9 you can QSO on that Talk Group
You can link to any Talk Group as described above.

  • You will need Hang Time for Private Call or Person Call set to 3 sec in the CPS.
  • This will drop the Private Call back to TG9 in 3  seconds to QSO on the Talk Group.


To Unlink
Manual Dial 4000 Private Call, PTT for up to 3 sec.
The repeater / hotspot will respond with a voice announcement “Not Linked”.
You can move to a new Talk Group without doing a 4000. Just call the next Talk Group as above and PTT for up to 3 sec.
Would be recommended to make a 4000 unlink channel. Add 4000 as a Private call to the radio. Set TG9 in the RX Group. Now when you get a GAP in RX you can PTT and unlink.


Time Out
Hotspots will stay linked to a called Talk Group for 999 mins. (16 hours)

Repeaters will stay linked to a called Talk Group depending on what has been set in UA Timer (example 15mins).  Each Repeater can set the Time Out length as they so wish.


Get Status
To enquire about the Talk Group linked. Manual Dial 5000 Private Call, PTT and the repeater/hotspot will respond with the currently linked Talk Group.


Manual Dial 9990 Private Call, and the Echo/Parrot will respond back to you only.


**Not yet available on FreeDMR

You do not need to use TG9 on Slot 2
You can access Talk Groups in the normal way via pre made channels on One/Both Slots