1. How do I contact FreeDMR United Kingdom?
You can contact us via Telegram FreeDMR Users Group.

2. How do I connect my hotspot to FreeDMR Network?
You can connect BlueDV Windows, OpenSpot and Pi-Star at this time.

3. How do I connect my repeater to FreeDMR Network?
All info you need is on this page.  If you need any help just contact us.

4. How do I know if my hotspot or repeater is connected to FreeDMR UK?
You have two options via the hotspot dashboard or repeater dashboard. First is search the page for your callsign. Second is PTT on any talk group for 3 seconds and see if you show on the dashboard. More info on how dashboards work.

5. What talk groups does FreeDMR have?
We have the United Kingdom and Worldwide.

6. Can I set static talk groups?
That all depends on the Hotspot you are using and the software to control it.
Pi-Star = Yes,   OpenSpot = Yes,   BlueDV for Windows = No.

7. Do you offer any dashboards?
We have a range of dashboards you can access, depending on your needs.

8. Should I use Dial-a-TG?
That all depends on the radio you have. If your radio does not offer manual dial as a group call. Then Dial-a-TG will be ideal for you to use.

9. Can I have a talk group named?
Please read this first – Naming, Clubs, Personal, Repeater, Gateway etc

10. Can I bridge to FreeDMR UK?
Yes you can. Please read this.  Also please use one of the Bridge IDs listed if you do not have one.



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