Static Talk Groups OpenSpot

This is still in Beta Test.

MMDVM options for DMRplus

FreeDMR Settings

Static TG TS1       You can set 5 Static Talk Groups
Static TG TS2       Leave this section blank

Star reflector :     Ignore and leave blank

Start reflector ID :     Ignore and leave 0

Relink Time (min) :    Time a Talk Group is held active for – 10 mins ( 15 mins etc )

If setting more than one static, you might wish to set Relink Timer to 0 or 1 min


Raw options :

At the end you might have    ;VOICE=1
0=OFF   1=ON.
15 minute voice ident in DMR can be set on Time Slot 2
The hotspot call-sign is (spoken) “sent” via “All Call”