Repeater/Gateway – How to join

Motorola, Hytera, MMDVM/Pi-Star Repeaters are all Welcome to join

Step 1
Please join this Group on Telegram

This group is for FreeDMR Repeaters, Gateways & Sysops ONLY.
To request your Repeater or Gateway have access to the FreeDMR Network.
Ask Questions or Report Issues.
This group is run by the FreeDMR UK team.

Step 2

Post that you wish to join FreeDMR UK, along with your Repeater/Gateway Callsign and the Type of Repeater it is. (Moto, Hytera, MMDVM/Pi-star)
An Admin will get back to you.

Step 3
Set up your Self Service account
Link will be supplied to you via the Telegram Group.
(Different email address must be used for each repeater)

Step 4
Configuration info will be supplied via the Telegram Group.
Repeaters/Gateways use a Different IP address and Port numbers to Hotspots.
Each Repeater/Gateway has its own individual Port number to access FreeDMR.

So please DO NOT use   FreeDMR_UnitedKingdom   in Pi-Star

That is you all set-up on FreeDMR


Download Telegram from