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Pi-Star Repeater Dial-a-TG

Step 3 – Pi-STar Repeaters (6 Dig ID)

Via Pi-Star DMR Gateway and Dial-a-TG.
Only Repeater 6 DIG IDs can use the setting below.
Gateways 7 DIG IDs join as Hotspot or contact us to be listed under Repeaters.

To make Repeaters easy to access for users on the FreeDMR Network

All users will need in the radio is two channels.
TG 9 on Slot 1   =   Local RF
TG 9 on Slot 2   =   Dial-a-TG

All other Talk Groups are blocked, unless using Dial-a-TG on TG 9 Slot 2

This is the option we would like all repeaters to use.  Easy to use for end users.

It is recommended you use DMR GW

Configuration page set to DMR Gateway and then click on apply.
Nothing else in this section is required.

Then via “Configuration – Expert –  Full Edit:  DMR GW”

Swap out [DMR Network 1] below.


This lets users call Dial-a-TG on TG9 Slot 2, via Private Call or Group Call.

If you want to

Add One Static Talk Group on Slot 1 see yellow line. (No static talk groups should be used on Slot 2)
Add Cluster to TG9 Slot 1, see orange line.

[DMR Network 1]
Name=FreeDMR UK
# TGRewrite=1,9,1,2359,1
# TGRewrite=1,23510,1,23510,1          # Radios should add as channel on Slot 1
# Options=”TS1=2359,23510;DIAL=2350;TIMER=10;VOICE=1;”

All other Talk Groups are blocked, unless using Dial-a-TG on TG 9 Slot 2
Repeater Dial-a-TG Options Calculator

Now click on apply.
From now on you make all changes in Full Edit:  DMR GW.
DO NOT use the Configuration or the Quick Edit DMR GW to make changes.

If running more than one network. You will need to rewrite your own rules for Dial-a-TG and Talk Groups.

Step 4

That is you all set-up on FreeDMR UK


Table –

Magenta lets you call a Talk Group on “Dia-a-TG” via a Group call.
This means all types of radios can use Dial-a-TG either via Private Call or Group Call. (This only works via TG9 Slot 2 and Dial-a-TG)
This is the option we would like all repeaters to use down the line.  Simple and easy to use for end users.

Blue is to let Group Call 9990 Echo pass.
Can be either from a Channel set to Group Call, or via Manual Dial Group Call.
(Remember, the 1st PTT only opens Echo, and it is the 2nd PTT when you speak goes to Echo and Back to you.)

Orange is Cluster via TG9 Slot 1. (Example 2359)
If you want true local only, leave out section and use TG9. TGRewrite=1,9,1,2359,1 and TS1=2359;

Yellow shows what is static (23510) on Slot 1
If you want true local only, leave out section and use TG9. TGRewrite=1,23510,1,23510,1 and TS1=23510;

Green shows what the default Dial-a-TG is set as.


Repeater Dial-a-TG Options Calculator.    Options Explanation.

Get Status

To enquire about the Talk Group linked. Manual Dial 5000 Private Call or Group Call, PTT and the repeater will respond with the currently linked Talk Group.


Can go to any Talk Group on the FreeDMR network via Slot 2 – TG 9 and Dial-a-TG.
No more rebuilding code plugs when they wish to use a New Talk Group.      Just manual dial them.
Repeater is split into two and users do not need to think about what Talk Group goes on what slot.
Slot 1 = Local
Slot 2 = Network

As all traffic is on TG 9.
Users will never miss any traffic on the repeater as they did not have a Talk Group added to their code plug.
Simple and easy to use.

APRS and SMS Text

Can be done on Slot 1 or Slot 2.
SMS Messages



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