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Radio Time out Timer

TOT (Radio Time out Timer) Should be set to 180s

This is set to 180 seconds so Repeaters, Hotspots, Bridges etc do not time out.

A 3 minute maximum QSO is a long over.  Also lets others replay back.

Why 180 ??

1. Repeaters and Hotspots default TOT is 240s
If someone talks longer that 180s and the next person does a quick PTT.
Repeaters and hotspots might not have reset and will continue to 240s and then drop out. You’re left talking to yourself.

2. This is why at the end of an over a 3 to 5 sec gap should be left so repeaters, hotspots, bridges, can all reset.
Also lets other break in

3. If a repeater or hotspot gets into a loop or stuck. It should stop all TX at 240s and reset.

4. Admit Criteria/TX Permit Etc = should be Channel Free or Same Color Code – “Never set to Always”
This can prevent two stations PTTing at the same time and only one gets into the Network.
The other station should get a in use tone so they know they did not get in.



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