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How to set-up Pi-Star for YSF to FreeDMR.  (YSF2DMR.)

I tested on a FT-70D.

Click on Configuration.
Turn on YSF Mode and YSF2DMR.
Click on Apply Changes.

Click on Configuration.
In YSF Startup Host : YSF00002 – Link YSF2DMR.
In (YSF2DMR)CCS7/DMR ID : Your DMR ID.     (You need a DMR ID to do YSF2DMR.)
In DMR Master : FreeDMR_UnitedKingdom.
In DMR TG : Type in the Talk Group you want as default – 2350.

Click on Apply Changes.

Now you can talk on Talk Ggroup 2350 from your Fusion radio.
1st PTT just opens the Talk Group 2350 so you can then RX or TX.

You can change Talk Groups by changing the DMR TG : in Configuration.
Click Apply Changes.
Then PTT your Fusion Radio to open the Talk Group so you can then RX or TX.

Or via # commands.
Examples to change Talk Groups.

#00235 TG   235
#00080 TG   80
#00081 TG   81
#02350 TG   2350
#02351 TG   2351
#02352 TG   2352
#23500 TG   23500
#23501 TG   23501
#23502 TG   23502



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