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How To’s on FreeDMR UK

Why use FreeDMR.

YouTube Videos.

Connect to FreeDMR UK. –

  –    Pi-Star Settings for Hotspots.
  –    Static Talk Groups Pi-Star Hotspots.
  –    DMR Options :   In Pi-Star.
  –    DMR Options :   Calculator.
  –    Pi-Star Videos.


–    MMDVM Hotspot


  –    OpenSpot Settings.
  –    Static Talk Groups OpenSpot.
  –    Video.

  –    BlueDV Settings for Windows.
  –    BlueDV Phone Apps

  –    Repeater / Gateway – How to join FreeDMR.
  –    How to use FreeDMR Repeaters Dial-a-TG.

  –    D-Star XLX005 / DSC005.

  –   YSF to FreeDMR ( YSF2DMR )


–   Dial-a-Node     AllStar     Echolink


  –   D-APRS.
–  SMS Messages.






“Dial-a-TG” Linking to Talk Groups via TG9.
4000 Unlink.       Echo.
Access Talk Groups via Channels.
Call a Talk Group.
TOT – Radio Time out Timer.
 Most Radios via Dial-a-TG.
 Two ways to use an Anytone Radio without adding Talk Groups as Channels.
  DMR is like a Phone Call.pdf.
  DMR is like making a phone call v2.pdf.
Information Services.
Dashboard explanation.



Codeplugs. –

Anytone 868, 878v1/2, 578. –  MD380 / RT3. –  MDUV380 / RT3s. –  HD1. –  MD9000 / RT90. etc.

You can read more and download on this page.


Best Practices. –

  •   A 3 to 5 second pause/gap should be left between each over.

    This is to let all Repeaters/Hotspots and Bridges to reset.
    Also lets others break in or unlink the Talk Group.

  •   Radio – TOT (Radio Timeout Timer) Should be set to 180 seconds.

    This is to let all Repeaters/Hotspots and Bridges to reset.

  •   Please enjoy the FreeDMR Network and be considerate at all times to others.


Information. –

Information.  –  Buying a Hotspot.  –  Register for DMR ID.


Support FreeDMR. –

GB3IN GB7IN and GB7RR  Repeaters have hosted many digital network services in the UK. Starting with D-Star DCS005 now (XLX005)   including DMR BM UK.  Now the time is right to move to an Open network for DMR.  Many have supported us in our goals and we hope going forward we can retain your support as we grow the network. If you are able to support us please visit.     GB3IN Support


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