At what point do we class a server dead and no longer offered by its admin?

We would hope you will let us know you will be closing your server down.

When we see a server is down we let the admin know. (As we do now)
We normally get a reply back with what the issue is and it is being looked into.

If no reply via Telegram.
1. You have not replied to messages.
2. You have not let another admin know you have an issue.
3. We will flag your server as down/dead after 10 days.
4. We will ask the other admins if anyone can contact you or knows why your server is down.
5. You have not logged into Telegram for quite some time.

I feel that 30 days is a good time length to cover most options why you have not been on Telegram or made your server live again. (Work, Holiday, Sickness, No internet)

When a Server has been down for some time and we have tried to contact you via Telegram and can not.
We will remove your server form the FreeDMR Network Host section after 30 days.

You can have your server re-listed if required in the normal way.


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