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FreeDMR Network server listing agreement terms and conditions:

Last Updated on 2 October 2023

By joining the FreeDMR Network you agree to following–

  1. You own the server and installed the FreeDMR server software yourself.
  2. Hold a valid callsign in the country the server is being installed in. This applies to any additional Sysops.
  3. Must exhibit the necessary skills to setup and maintain a FreeDMR server. It is the responsibility of the server owner (and any other named sysops) to ensure the server is up and running. A server may not be maintained by a third party. A sysop may not own/operate a server outside of the country where their amateur license has been issued.
  4. Servers must maintain at least one FreeDMR OpenBridge (OPB) connection at all times. OpenBridge connections must be established to other listed FreeDMR servers. (you can find the up-to-date server list at
  5. You will offer a Dashboard that shows your OPBs, bridges, users and network traffic. Along with the name “FreeDMR” and either the FreeDMR Logo or Banner. (Does not include hidden servers)
  6. Sysops should be logged into the Named Server at all times.
  7. You will follow talk group and MCC allocations. (see
  8. Ensure that users of your system hold a valid amateur radio license (violations of this can cause your server to be delisted from the network)
  9. Agree to use Telegram and the “FreeDMR Server Sysop Group” as the primary means of coordination with other administrators and software developers (all new Sysops will be invited to this group when their request to join the network has been approved). All technical issues will be funnelled to the developers via this group.
  10. Leaving the “FreeDMR Server Sysop Group” will result in your server being delisted.
  11. Any server found to be offline for 30 days will be subject to removal.

Changes to an established server

1. Change requests must come from the documented server owner (no other 3rd party can request this change).
2. Changes must be submitted through “@NormanFreeDMR”.

OpenBridge “OPB”

It is the responsibility of the server sysop to establish OpenBridge connections and maintain those connections (A MAX of 4 bridges in total are recommended by the FreeDMR team. Additional OpenBridges may cause higher resource usage and possible undesired effects. Any issues resulting from the use of more bridges are at the discretion of the SYSOP.) It is up to the owner (and named Sysops) to immediately discontinue any connections that are in any violation of network rules.

Naming of talk group(s) for your country

It is the responsibility of the server owner (or Sysops if there are more than 1 per country) to name their talk groups within your MCC allocation. The exception to this is world-wide talk groups (starting with 9), as those are handled by the FreeDMR administration team. More information about naming talk groups can be found online at

Protocol bridging

You are free to set up bridges as you wish within your MCC allocation. All parties must agree to any bridge. FreeDMR Server – Bridge – and any other servers. A bridge may not be used on more than a single talk group. Ensure that when you name a talk group that has a bridge attached that you name it properly, some examples are “TG 91 Worldwide YSF 00091”, or “TG 31260 ZOMBIE Alert USA / XLX204B”, or “TG 23413 Midlands / XLX005 M”. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bridge operates properly and does not cause any loops ( on the network.

More than one server in your country

In the event there are multiple servers in a country, then all server owners MUST agree to the naming of talk groups for their country and any bridging to 3rd party systems (XLX, YSF, NXDN, etc).



The FreeDMR Network reserves the right to de-list your server upon any violation of the rules above. It is important that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.

The Administrators of the FreeDMR Network have the right to update this policy at any time without prior notification. It is the responsibility owners/sysops to review this document periodically for any updates to these terms and conditions.





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