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List of Downloads on this UK Site.



Updates daily at midnight GMT by Mark. (Users first Name, FreeDMR Bridges and Repeaters added.)

SUBSCRIBER  =  users.json

local_subscriber_ids.csv     (Not required now, as replaced by user.json above. Some dashboards still use CSV.)



Also look at this page.

talk group bridges.


Options Calculator.

2 Versions of Options Calculator on this downloadLast updated 12th September 2022.

Free Software to edit files.

OpenOffice.     and     Notepad++



Anytone 868, 878v1/2, 578. –  MD380 / RT3. –  MDUV380 / RT3s. –  HD1. –  MD9000 / RT90. etc.

You can read more and download on this page.


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Free_DMR_logo_600x338_72.png            Free_DMR_logo_1200x676_72.png


Facebook Group 940 by 348 .jpg


400 by 400 .jpg                           512 by 512 .jpg


16 by 16 .png            32 by 32 .png           96 by 96 .png            400 by 400 .png            512 by 512 .png


by José Melo

More Banners / Logo’s.



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