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Add a Server to the FreeDMR Network

Last Updated on 3 October 2023

See if your country has a server first.      Does it really need more?
Guidelines for FreeDMR Sysops by Simon.

What is the FreeDMR Network?

The FreeDMR Network is a group of independent servers running the FreeDMR Server Software. The FreeDMR Servers are connected via OpenBridge “OPB” connections in a Mesh topology to one another to redundantly and diversely share all available TalkGroups among all Servers. FreeDMR does NOT utilize a “Master/Slave” topology. All FreeDMR servers are seen as equal peers to each other just as all the individuals who run the servers are. We do not control when where, what how or who can use our software. Free means free as in speech and free as in beer!.

“FreeDMR Network” is for Ham Radio users only.

Users of the FreeDMR network are required to have a valid Ham Radio licence as well as a valid properly registered DMR ID. You may register for a DMR ID via this link. You will need a copy of your Ham Radio Licence to get a DMR ID number.


You must live in the country you are setting a server up in.
It requires a moderate level of understanding of networking and reasonable skill level in Linux to install and maintain a FreeDMR server on the Network.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for adding a server to the FreeDMR Network.

Please fill in this form and send to Norman Via Telegram @NormanFreeDMR.
This form covers A to D below.
If you need software to edit the file. Use this FREE OpenOffice.

A. To get listed on the FreeDMR Network.

Listing Requirements for your server (also in Pi-Star, BlueDV, Openspot and on our Website)

  1. You own the server and installed the FreeDMR server software yourself.
  2. Hold a valid callsign in the country the server is being installed in. This applies to any additional Sysops.
  3. Must exhibit the necessary skills to setup and maintain a FreeDMR server. It is the responsibility of the server owner (and any other named sysops) to ensure the server is up and running. A server may not be maintained by a third party. A sysop may not own/operate a server outside the country where their amateur licence has been issued.
  4. Servers must maintain at least one FreeDMR OpenBridge (OPB) connection at all times. OpenBridge connections must be established to other listed FreeDMR servers. (you can find the up-to-date server list at
  5. You will offer a Dashboard that shows your OPBs, bridges, users and network traffic. Along with the name “FreeDMR” and either the FreeDMR Logo or Banner. (Does not include hidden servers)
  6. Sysops should be logged into the Named Server at all times.
  7. You will follow talk group and MCC allocations. (see
  8. Ensure that users of your system hold a valid amateur radio license (violations of this can cause your server to be delisted from the network)
  9. Agree to use Telegram and the “FreeDMR Server Sysop Group” as the primary means of coordination with other administrators and software developers (all new Sysops will be invited to this group when their request to join the network has been approved). All technical issues will be funnelled to the developers via this group.
  10. Leaving the “FreeDMR Server Sysop Group” will result in your server being delisted.
  11. Any server found to be offline for 30 days will be subject to removal.

Base Server IDs are a finite resource. We will usually only list one server per Sysop for hotspot access in Pi-Star. We will also usually only issue each sysop one top-level (4 digit) BASE_SERVER_ID.
ALL servers will use a 5 digit (SERVER_ID) by adding a 0 to 9 on the end of the 4 digit ID, like 23410,23411,223412 etc. This means you can run up to 10 servers if required, but usually only one will be listed under the 4 digit ID. Test Servers do not get listed.

We also expect servers to be:

Tested and working.
Have openbridges with peers.
Provide unrestricted access to all FreeDMR talkgroups (everything, everywhere)
be open-access and not restricted to some users by ID, IP or other method.
Be hosted in the country which the server servers.
The sysop to hold a callsign in the country the server serves.

You will be issued a 4 digit Base server ID, based on your countries MCC, so you can access the FreeDMR Network. This is the base server ID you use to OPB with other servers.

Server Changes.      Server IDs.

B. To request an OPB to the FreeDMR Network.

Request a OPB via this Telegram group. FreeDMR system building a Server – Support Group
For testing a OPB connection, use your own 7 digit DMR ID number.
A FreeDMR OPB “Base Server ID” will be issued to you after you have run tests and applied to join the network via the form above.
The FreeDMR “Base Server ID” grants your server full access to the FreeDMR Network.

C. Please supply your Host name info.

As of the 20/04/2022 you will need a Host Name, rather than an IP address.
Free Dynamic DNS as example. You use what is best for your needs.

The info will be added to this Host Data Base and FreeDMR server list.
Pi-Star, BlueDV, OpenSpot etc will pull from this Data Base.
If your sever information is wrong or changes, please let us know.

Hotspots and Repeaters on same Port.
Hotspots only.
Repeater connection information should be done via your Website.
See this page for more info and how others have set up.

Hostname for your dashboard.
You will need a live dashboard to get listed.

Host names.
Make sure your Host name is always up-to-date.
I use this site to check Host names.

D. Talk Groups.

When you have connected to FreeDMR Network and worked out your talk groups.
*It is down to you to name Talk Groups for your Country within your MCC allocation..
Talk Group Numbers – Talk Group Names.
Please supply your Talk Group list via the form.
They will be added to this Worldwide Talk Group list.
FreeDMR Network Talk Group Allocation.

*More than one server in your country.
All Server owners must agree to –
Naming of Talk Groups for your Country.

E. you have More than one server.

If you want to run more servers, you add 0 to 9 to your Base Server ID 4 digit ID to make it a SUB 5 digit ID. These servers will be hidden and NOT listed.

F. Bridge IDs

More info on this page.

G. Dead Servers.

More info on this page.

H. Banners.

We ask that you acknowledge you are part of the Freedmr network by using the Freedmr name and logo on the front page of your site and/or dashboard

Ask in this Group if you want a Country banner made by José Melo.
FreeDMR system building a Server – Support Group
A range of banners can be downloaded on this link.

I. Build Website like UK.

This is the best support I can offer for building a Website.
I am sure you can use parts of this to help build your own Website.
Build Website like UK.
When I was handed the website a while ago. I knew nothing about WordPress and thanks to goggle and long nights. I managed to sort/finish the UK site.




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