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Server IDs

Last Updated on 3 October 2023

Base Server IDs are a finite resource. We will usually only list one server per Sysop for hotspot access in Pi-Star. We will also usually only issue each sysop one top-level (4 digit) BASE_SERVER_ID.
ALL servers will use a 5 digit (SERVER_ID) by adding a 0 to 9 on the end of the 4 digit ID, like 23410,23411,223412 etc. This means you can run up to 10 servers if required, but usually only one will be listed under the 4 digit ID. Test Servers do not get listed.

Base Server IDs is allocated on your countries MCC    (UK 2341, USA 3101, Australia 5051)

4 Digit Main   (Listed Based Server) 5 Digit Server_ID   (Not Listed Server)
0001 00010

Each country has nine (9), 4 digit main “base server IDs” (0001, 0002, 0003, to 0009)

So in theory, each server has one 4 digit main and ten 5 digit server IDs they can use.
Servers IDs might need to be shared with others within your countries MCC allocation.

For testing new servers etc

Valid ( 6 and 7 digit DMR IDs as SERVER_ID…
To allow for people, radio clubs, etc. to test/experiment without having to register an ID or listing the server.

Use the 6 or 7 digit ID to OPB to your server.

If the server is to become a named/listed server, then a 4 digit ID will be issued on joining the FreeDMR Network.
At that point, you would change your 6 or 7 digit ID to a 5 digit Server_ID and update all OPB.




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