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JOTA, JOTI, YOTA, TDOTA, etc Talk Groups is Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week.
To be used by Scouting, Guiding, Youth Groups, Schools etc. Under Amateur radio correct supervision.


Please make sure you have all Talk Groups below in your radio.

Country TG Name Bridge
Worldwide 907 Jota – Joti – Yota XLX005 J – YSF ID 00907
Worldwide 9071 Tac 1    Jota – Joti – Yota
Worldwide 9072 Tac 2    Jota – Joti – Yota
Worldwide 9073 Tac 3    Jota – Joti – Yota
Worldwide 9074 Tac 4    Jota – Joti – Yota
Worldwide 9075 Tac 5    Jota – Joti – Yota
Worldwide 9076 Tac 6    Jota – Joti – Yota
Worldwide 9077 Tac 7    Jota – Joti – Yota
Worldwide 9078 Tac 8    Jota – Joti – Yota

Simple Rules for 907 to 9078.
1. Follow your Countries rules on letting non Amateur radio users on the Air. Most Countries you require a Full Amateur Radio Licence.
2. Callsing must be given out under the rules of Amateur radio (Default 15min).
3. Children must not be left unattended while on the Air at Any Time.
4. Priority Traffic to Groups with Kids wanting to talk.
5. A Three (3) second pause should be left between overs. This is required for the Networks/Servers/Bridges to reset.
6. All Talk Groups (TAC) can be used as calling channels.

Radios and Hotspots.
a. Radio must have all the above Talk Groups programmed in for any/all events.
b. You might wish to use Dial-a-TG than adding channels to radio.
c. Time Slots. You should use the correspondent time slot according to the repeater or hotspot that you are using.
d. Each Country has an Echo / Parrot Talk Group you can use for testing.
e. Hotspots must be set up correct. Hotspot Users BER rate. Also look at this if using more than one hotspot.

Use the TAC channels only.
DO NOT use 907.
All Bridges need to be approved by the Server Admin.

FreeDMR info.
How to connect to FreeDMR.     Last heard dashboard.      FreeDMR Jota-Joti-Yota.

FreeDMR Servers around the world.

If you would like a Bridge to an available Talk Group.
Please request via this Telegram Group

FreeDMR UK Information.

Some links.     Facebook Radio Scouting UK.


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