FreeDMR Server Install

Last Updated on 12 May 2022

Installing a FreeDMR Server for Ham Radio users.

See if your country has a server first.      Does it really need more?
Add a Server to the FreeDMR Network 

1. Gitlab Install page.

Installing using Docker – Recommended!      Translate install into another language.

Also Read – FreeDMR.Wiki Home. – Hotspot Proxy. – Installation guide.Making PEER connections.Connecting to the network.IPv6 support.FreeDMR to a YSF reflector.Motorola TRBO repeater to FreeDMR.Adding D-APRS.FreeDMR Network Server numbering.

Guidelines for FreeDMR Sysops.

It requires a moderate level of understanding of networking and reasonable skill level in Linux to install and maintain a FreeDMR server.
This section might help. -

Installation_d'un_serveur_FreeDMR_mode_Classic_et_mode_Docker_V2.2.pdf  French  (Document is not by FreeDMR)

Installation_of_a_FreeDMR_server_mode_Classic_and_mode_Docker_V2.2.pdf  English

Instalación_de_un_servidor_FreeDMR_mode_Classic_and_mode_Docker_V2.2.pdf  Spanish

This seam a good site to translate PDF

Disable and remove UFW from the system. Telegram Group 16th November 2021.

Host Hotspot / Repeater Password.   Should I use passw0rd or PASSWORD.

HBMon Dashboard.  -  If running more than 3 OPB/Bridges. Run Dashboard on a 2nd Server.

-  Dashboard Extras 1.  -  Dashboard Extras 2.  -  Dashboard Extras 3.   

Bridging different modes.

Bridging-Cross-mode, multi mode or analogue etc.

Some Rules for OPB.  -  Loop Control.



2. Join the community!!

Our group for system builders can be found here:
FreeDMR system building a Server – Support Group
This group is for all Help and Questions on setting up your FreeDMR Server on the FreeDMR Network.

3. What is Full OpenBridge?

Quick explanation – Read this page also.
Full OpenBridge gives you all the Talk Groups without adding one by one.
World Wide Talk Group

You can still bridge to whatever you want as an independent server.
AllStar, Echolink, HBlink, XLX, YSF, Peanut etc.

If you do add any Bridges.
All via Full OpenBridge have access to that Talk Group and Bridge.

To request an OpenBridge, do it via this group.
FreeDMR system building a Server – Support Group
You can OpenBridge to any server on this list.

  FreeDMR Architecture PDF.

Ideally, you should have up to 4 OpenBridges.


Add a Server to the FreeDMR Network 





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